Rosacea is a condition that can start in the teen years or in adulthood. It is characterized by sensitive skin on the central areas of the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. Patients with rosacea have skin that tends to flush and blush easily or is easily irritated by skin products. Rosacea sufferers tend to have fair skin and usually inherit their condition.

Rosacea triggers

Toners and astringents
Scrubbing the skin with washcloths or harsh cleansers
Acne products containing salicylic acid
Anti-aging products containing glycolic acid
Emotional stress
Spicy foods
Sun exposure


Treatment is unique to each individual depending on how mild or severe their rosacea is and whether they have dry or oily skin. A combined regimen usually gives the best result, such as using a medicated skin cleanser, applying a prescription medication to the face daily, and taking an oral anti-inflammatory medication such as doxycycline for flares of rosacea. Treatment in our office with the IPL laser helps clear up underlying redness in the skin and its accompanying broken blood vessels.