Age Spots & Sun Spots

Age spots and sun spots can appear due to a number of factors-- age, heredity, and sun exposure. There are several ways to treat them.


Daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 prevents sun spots from getting darker and can actually help them fade.

Prescription Fading Creams

Prescription fading creams contain 4% hydroquinone, an ingredient that halts the production of melanin in the treated areas and helps fade sun spots. Fading creams usually take a few months to fade the desired spots, and must be used in conjunction with sunscreen.

IPL Laser

IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments are a very quick method to take off sun spots. When the laser light hits the skin, it oxidizes the pigment in sun spots. The spots take on a darker, more peppery look, and then they begin to peel off the skin 5-10 days later. Great results can be seen with one IPL treatment, and further improvement can be achieved when IPL is repeated at monthly intervals.

Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy

Age spots that are raised are usually too thick to laser off, and fading creams won't work either. For these types of lesions, liquid nitrogen can be used to freeze and destroy the cells. After about one week, the lesion forms a crust or scab and then peels off, leaving no scar.