Cosmetic Dermatology

What does it mean to age gracefully? To every person it means something different. What it certainly doesn't mean is giving up and letting ourselves go. Some people maintain a healthy, glowing complexion by simply using doctor-prescribed skin care products at home. Others get regular laser treatments plus Botox or dermal filler injections to clear away age spots and diminish facial lines. No matter what works for you, the important thing is that you look like your natural, un-done self, just a little refreshed!

Every person sees something different when they look in the mirror. Dr. Downes creates a unique anti-aging plan for each individual depending on their skin type and desired results. As a board-certified dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon, she has performed over a thousand surgeries on the face and has an intricate knowledge of facial anatomy. She performs all cosmetic and laser procedures herself and is also able to correct the mistakes of less-experienced injectors. Dr. Downes' goal in every procedure is to produce little to no bruising. She has been using lasers to treat age spots, blood vessels, scars, and unwanted hair for almost a decade.